Collaboration in the Internet Age

The Open Window film emerged as part of a multi-year research and film project exploring the growth of the internet in India. Over the course of three years, our team of filmmakers and philosophers spent many months traveling across India, exploring stories and insights surrounding the country’s on-going internet revolution – as hundreds of millions of new internet users came online for the first time. We met with leading thinkers, technologists, educators, scientists, activists, entrepreneurs and individuals across many sectors and communities.  We conducted interviews and research, and tapped into unique stories and experiences; bringing together diverse wisdom and perspectives to navigate the impacts of the internet in creating new cultures of collaboration around major global challenges (education, health, etc).

In addition to the Open Window documentary film, in the weeks and months ahead, we’ll work to upload interviews and other material from our research and filming.

The Open Window is the second film in a trilogy exploring collaborative culture in the internet age. The first film Collaboration premiered in 2014 at CPH:DOX and is available to view, along with a set of research and interviews at The third film in the trilogy, Medicine For All (working title), explores Open Source Pharma – a global movement of scientists, lawyers, and technologists working to develop new cures for Tuberculosis and other neglected diseases through collaborative, “open-source” approaches to scientific research. Medicine For All is currently in early production.

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Edited by TIM KAMINSKI and Featuring Music from SHANKAR TUCKER

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